Chicago Compressor Spares

Manufacturers & Exporters of Chicago Compressor Spares

At Himanshu Industries, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of Chicago Pneumatic spare parts.

Models Served:
HX Series: 1HX1T16, 1HX1T18, 1HX1T21, 1HX1T25, 1HX1T31, 2HX2T 21X11 2HX2T 25X14, 2HX2T 25X16, 1HX2T 25X25, 2HX2T 31X18, 1HX2T 31X31, 15NP, 20NP, 25NP, 30NP, 40NP, 50NP, 60NP, 75NP, 100NP

HN Series: HN2T 32X18, 2HN2T 37X22, 2HN2T 47X28, 1HN2T 32X32, 1HN2T 37X37, 1HN2T 41X41, 1HN2T 47X47. HN2T-120, HN2T-150, HN2T-180, HN2T-215

RCP Series:RCP 290, RCP 3150, RCP 5270, RCP 7270

CPM Series: CPM 3, CPM 4, CPM 5, CPM 7

CPA Series: CPA 7.5, CPA10, CPA 15, CPA 20

CPB Series: CPB 20, CPB 25, CPB30, CPB 40

CPC Series: CPC 40, CPC 50, CPC 60, CPC 75

CPS Series: CPT 140, CPS160, CPS 180, CPS 200, CPS 300, CPS 325, CPS 370, CPS 400, CPS 450, CPS 600

IVR Series

CPD Series

MX Series