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We are in suppliers and exporters for quality range of Copeland Scroll Compressors. Which consists of one stationary and one orbiting scroll to compress the refrigerant gas vapors from the evaporator to the condenser of the refrigerant path. The upper scroll contains the refrigerant gas discharge port and remains stationary where as lower scroll is rotated by electric motor shaft assembly which provides eccentric or orbiting motion to the driven scroll These are backed by 1 to 40 horsepower and find wide spread applications, such as, commercial & residential air conditioning, commercial & industrial refrigeration and refrigerated transport. These compressors are known for their unmatched performance and cost-efficiency.

Copeland Scroll gas compression is an exceptionally low maintenance, compact, rugged new approach to oilfield gas compression. The scroll compressor module comes equipped with many high quality features typically found only on larger oilfield compression packages. Packaged flow rates are 15-600 mcfd (0.4-17 mcmd), 60-300 psig single stage discharge pressure (4-21 bar), vacuum to 65 psig suction (0-4.5 bar suction). Copeland uses sophisticated, computer-assisted design and manufacturing methods to achieve the critical tolerances required for Production of Scroll Compressors.

Hermetic compressors are designed with Packaged flow rates of 15-600 Mcfd, 70-345 psig single stage discharge pressure & vacuum to 25 psig suction.

Hermetic design also ensures that Compressor (no shaft seals) eliminates oxygen, oil and gas leak paths. Commercial air conditioning noise levels allow for installation in environmentally sensitive areas.

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